We invite you to contribute a video to Celebr8D8. No matter if you help make Drupal, build Drupal web sites or are an end user, we want to hear from you.

Making your video

Shoot a video on whatever you have, a phone is fine, a camera, TV studio ;-) … You could try to film somewhere that is representative of you or where you come from. Chose a landmark or location which is typical of your country or your life. We want everyone to see how amazing and diverse our community is.

Start off by saying:

“Hi my name is ______ I'm from __[city / country]___ “

From there you have creative freedom but here are a few ideas ….

I'm excited about Drupal 8 because _________ 
I think Drupal 8 is  _________ because now I can ____[example use case or feature that’s amazing]_____ 
and with Drupal 8 I’m going to  _________ 

Fun is good, too. You might choose to wear a special outfit or costume. Be creative, we don't want you to be limited by our ideas. However, please remember this is Drupal. We’ll be moderating your submissions, and to be eligible for inclusion on our site, be positive, respectful, and consider the code of conduct.

Submitting your video

Once you are ready, and have published your film on YouTube, use the Add Your Film form to submit for moderation.

Watch some of the examples we've published already, but use your imagination and make the idea your own. We look forward to seeing what you did!